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Embroidery accessories and materials, crocheting accessories, sewing supplies, materials for jewellery making and many other techniques in a wide selection. Our online haberdashery offers embroidery accessories for demanding customers: embroidery hoops, mouline threads, threads, embroidery needles, canvases, beads, ribbons, tablecloths, napkins, pillowcases and cards on which you can create a variety of embroidery.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 1146 items

How to choose the needle's eye to go through?

The purchase of the first cross stitch kit is associated with (for some scary) moment when you need to choose a set of needles. Embroidery needles are a necessary condition to be able to start your adventure with needlework, but many people have quite a problem with it. The motivation is just the thought of how many things and gifts will come out of your hands with the right needle. There are many types and sizes of needles. However, you will find how easy it can be to get the right needles. Buying needle sets is not necessary, but for more advanced people it may become a condition for creating various types of embroidery. In our online store we also offer single needles of various sizes, suitable for embroidery on canvas or aida. For cross stitching, we recommend DMC embroidery needles, packed in sets (from DMC you will also buy sets of mouline patterns or individual threads of mouline threads in various colors). You can buy single pieces of needles in any size and choose the right one for the type of embroidery. You won't spend too much and you can be sure you have the correct embroidery needle. Many of these needles have a blunt tip, however this is intentional. This will prove to be useful and safe for someone with softer fingers. Besides, beginners are often not used to using a thimble. Traditional DMC embroidery needles will be perfect for any flat embroidery or cross stitch embroidery with lines, the so-called backstitches. If you prefer to simplify your choice and buy the entire set at once, we recommend a set of embroidery and sewing needles with a threader.

To satisfy the precision

If your set is complete with needles for cross stitch, flat or bead embroidery, you can supplement your organizer with a needle threader. Such a tool is not necessary, however, many will find it very useful and easy to use. They can also be recommended to the elderly if they do not want to strain their eyesight, look for glasses or call their grandchildren to ask for help. Accuracy and less wasted time guaranteed. Sometimes it's better to buy such a gadget and be less nervous afterwards. The needle threader DMC and the aforementioned embroidery needles should be supplemented with an elegant needle holder, also available in our store. Whatever you choose, it will surely serve you when sewing and embroidering new works of art for hours, days, months...

Needle, thread ... and then what?

With the tools and utensils you already have half the battle. Now all you have to do is buy one of the cross stitch kits, cross stitch kits with overprint, cross stitch kits with a printed background or create your own pattern and get to work! No matter what you put in the needle - mouline threads or wool - you can sew a lot of beautiful things. Search our website and find out that with just embroidery needles and a needle threader, you can create pillows, pictures, pleats, sweaters, hats, baubles for the Christmas tree ... After selecting the type of embroidery, you will see what you can do even as a beginner!

"First aid" for every embroiderer

A hoop and a wooden frame are items that you probably think about just before starting work or after finishing your embroidery. They are universal accessories that help you create amazing works of art and patterns, but also decorate and give them character. In fact, they are not necessary, but they are helpful and complete the set of embroidery tools. This way it will look much more professional. The selection of hoops, stands, frames and hangers can be very enjoyable. So that it does not turn out to be too difficult, take a look before buying and choose the one that best suits your image. You can choose an oval frame, square frame, large or small hoop, and maybe one of the wooden or metal hangers. Whatever you choose, brick success, or rather "embroidered"!

Embroidery hoop or a frame hoop - twins or distant cousins?

Anyone who is advanced in cross stitch has probably heard of the embroidery hoop many times. For people who are just starting their adventure with needlework, the hoop is a circle on which the fabric is stretched. Thanks to the hoop, you can sew beautiful patterns with the help of a needle. Hoops are offered in various sizes, most often made of wood. This type of accessory can be supplemented with a special hoop holder. If you are looking for a different tool on which you can put your embroidery on a hoop, you can choose a special stand with spans. This tool will not only hold the fabric in place, but also allow you to embroider with two hands.
If you want to choose something similar to an embroidery hoop, and you don't like buying frames, then the frame hoop will be perfect for you! This invention is simply a classic hoop, but enriched with a decorative metal handle and a decorative wood-like frame. In our offer you will find an oval frame, but also a no less popular square frame, which will perfectly fit into modern, classic and traditional interiors.

Treasures on the accessory map

If you have a little more time or your concept of embroidery binding is more demanding, you will need a classic wooden frame instead of a frame frame. The frames we offer come in various sizes. They can be square, rectangular, more or less oblong, or supplemented with an elegant passe-partout. We offer both a classic, monochrome frame in shades of black and white, also supplemented with passe-parteaux in the colors of delicate lavender, beige or gray. These colors will enrich the embroidery frame and add space to it.
If you are afraid that the wooden frame will disturb the whole concept, you can also choose a wooden or metal hanger. However, the wooden hanger is much more delicate and has more rounded shapes, making it an ideal choice for the interior of wooden houses or Scandinavian interiors. While the extras discussed are merely optional, they often become necessary to suspend a work of art. At the same time, they complete the picture and can be so-called cherry on top.

Plastic and paper bobbins, so you can choose the color you want

If bobbins are a word you know well, then you probably know how they make the work of every embroiderer easier. For beginners - bobbins have a characteristic shape, resembling mushrooms or weights. The name may seem strange, but this type of accessories is extremely popular among lovers of handicrafts. The offer usually includes plastic bobbins and paper bobbins DMC which can be purchased with various degrees of transparency. Most bobbins have a hole at the top so you can thread them over the bobbin ring. If you're eco-friendly, pay attention to paper bobbins, which are a great alternative to plastic ones. They are also cheaper and you can make them yourself at home, giving them different indents, shapes and even colors at the same time. Slightly stiffer, but no less ecological, are cardboard bobbins, also available in our online store. The aforementioned ring for fastening the bobbin will also be useful, because it is the next step to create the entire thread organizer. Never lose a single bobbin again with these metal hoops with different radii.

A box for the road

What else should a professional cross stitch enthusiast have? Certainly the needlework organizer and the already mentioned thread organizer. These are usually plastic bags, boxes and cards on which you can hang a specific number of threads in different colors. If you prefer something closed, be sure to buy a floss box DMC. These boxes turn out to be much handier if you are traveling with your kit or if you want to wrap it in gift wrapping paper. The mouline box also allows for freedom and flexibility - it has many compartments and it is only up to you how you organize your work, or rather how you arrange your threads. In one of our sets, we have combined the pleasant with the useful, i.e. a mouline box with a mouline winder. Of course, you can also buy the latter separately. No matter in what form you get it, a thread winder is essential if your fingers are tired of embroidering and you need to sort your threads. The aforementioned tool goes hand in hand with reels, because it is adapted to their shape. Both will allow you to quickly clean up the workplace and prepare it for further embroidery.

Thread organizer - first aid for any mouline magician

When working with mouline and thread, while cross stitching and embroidering, you will probably often look for a place to store your needlework tools. Of course, your table may be covered with a layer of colored threads, but such a "thread organizer" can easily damage or get them tangled. Therefore, it is worth getting a box and spatulas for mouline threads, but that's not all. There can be even more ways of storing than the types of embroidery, but it is important that both beginners and experienced embroidery fans to store their utensils well. Think of your floss box as a "first aid kit", because it is not known if you will suddenly need to pull out the needed floss to create another embroidery. For people who have not yet been convinced, the needlework organizer will make your work much easier and more organized. At the same time, it will be much easier to work when the accessories are all right and you can take them with you wherever a creative soul desires!

Back to the classics

The number of needlework accessories can actually seem overwhelming. Hence, if you don't have the head for it, get only the friendly, classic and easy-to-use spatulas for mouline threads. The spatulas have a very characteristic, oblong shape. In our online store you can buy their plastic counterparts, but supplemented with an element on which you will put a band with a color number. The mouline spatulas are certainly the most classic way of storing threads. You can put them all in a bag and no boxes will be needed. However, if you feel that something is missing, it is worth putting them in a binder, magnets holding needles, organizers made especially for needles, and even separate compartments for your box!