printed canvas

Printed canvas - what to expect? 

Printed canvases are stiffened canvases for cross stitch with a density of 44/10 cm, which have a printed, colourful pattern for cross stitching and a list of needed threads by Anchor, Ariadna, DMC, Madeira. Thanks to this, cross stitching on canvas or tapestry embroidery is created. Canvas is quite a stiff fabric for cross stitch and its advantage is that it does not require using a hoop. Cross stitching on a canvas with an overprint is easy and fun, because the print tells you what colour of the thread to use in a given place. 

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Showing 1 - 24 of 1365 items

Printed canvas - what to expect?

What is the printed canvas for and why is it worth choosing? Such questions are asked by beginner embroiderers who want to try something new. In such a field, embroidering patterns on canvas seems to be simpler, more pleasant and less demanding. Interestingly, the hoop is not necessary due to the stiffness of the fabric. A characteristic feature is also the fact that for patterns with small number of colors there is no need to use printed patterns or smartphone patterns, i.e. graphic diagrams. Here, the patterns to be embroidered on the canvas are applied to the fabric, i.e. the above-mentioned printed canvas. It is worth buying a set of mouline separately for the printed canvas. We can choose between two companies: Ariadna and DMC. After you have stocked up with all the necessary utensils, you can start sewing patterns on the fabric. Seems simple? In fact, you only need a canvas with a print, a set of mouline threads and a needle. Only the most pleasant things remain, embroidery!

What else is squeaking in the grass?

For people looking for something simpler, floral designs will be very good to start with. The thing about plants in cross stitch is that you can always use all possible colors for them. Even if you choose red poppies, yellow daffodils, or white peonies, expect their canvas cross stitch patterns to be full of shades of the same color! Simple patterns can be multi-colored and please the eye.

In our offer of canvas prints with animals you will find not only wild lions, toucans, kingfishers and owls, but also mosaic faces of a panther or a tiger and a colorful kaleidoscope with a cat. And these are just a few suggestions!

It does not matter which embroidery methods you choose - cross stitch or tapestry, it is important that many of our printed canvases perfectly capture the details, as in the picture, where you can see clouds in the darkening sky and conifers. You will find out about it best by choosing canvas printed with landscapes. Especially for you, we have also prepared very brightly colored canvases, if you want a flowing stream, waterfall or green leaves to almost come out of the painting directly into your room.

Tapestry embroidery, just like cross stitch embroidery, is also great for embroidering famous paintings, such as "Lady with an Ermine", "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer" or characters from famous posters by Alfons Mucha.

With mouline threads among the sheep

If you plan on creating something that is breathtaking, go for slightly more expensive but much larger and more detailed canvas religious patterns. The best example we offer would be the "The Last Supper", which is more than a meter long! In addition, you will use forty-four colors for embroidery, thanks to which your embroidery will be full of details and colors. If you are looking for something more original, you can also choose a pattern of a much smaller size. Cross stitching will also be very visible on them. The effect is intended, and it is best illustrated by the patterns we offer for embroidery on the canvas "Jesus Christ with sheep" and "Jesus Christ - bread and wine". Regardless of whether your favorite is tapestry embroidery or cross stitch embroidery, the important thing is that when you embroider, the embroidered garments and wool of the sheep mentioned in the title take on.