In every color, in every form - both 2D and 3D

Cross stitch kits for cross stitching pictures, i.e. kits for cross stitching pictures are embroidery patterns printed on paper with a clean canvas and mouline, thanks to which we create embroidered images on a variety of topics. To create cross stitch embroidery, the kit turns out to be necessary for both beginners and more advanced. If you are missing your own idea, look for inspiration among the offered cross stitch patterns and kits. Try your hand at creating paintings depicting religious and floral themes, as well as landscapes or maritime scenes. Some of our designs are less realistic, while others show the beauty of this world and fit perfectly into any interior. If you are bored of 2D cross stitch kits, choose a clock face pattern so that you can only put hands on it later. Then step into the three-dimensional world of art, where real works will be created by your hands, not a 3D printer. With a cross stitch kit, you can even create pillows that are suitable for both the living room and the bedroom.

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When you enjoy cross stitching on a clean, unlimited space, then Cross stitch kit - Toucan in the tropics is just for you. Beautiful, interesting, high-quality cross stitching kits will make you taste a wonderful moment of relaxation. Appropriately selected colours of mouline threads and a colourful graphic pattern with cross stitch designs will...

Showing 1 - 24 of 2317 items