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How to embroider with backstitch?

659 2023-10-03
Learn to embroider with backstitch and your embroidery will be unique.

See what discount you can get

760 2023-09-14
"Shopping discounts - Save and enjoy cheaper shopping!"

See our offer of napkins, table runners and tablecloths

487 2023-09-12
How to create a unique, embroidered table decoration?

Get to know the opinions about the Coricamo Cross Stitch application

861 2022-10-11
See how easy it is to embroider from your phone and tablet

See why it's worth cross stitching

539 2022-10-10
Why is it worth cross stitching? What are the benefits of cross stitching? We have answers to these questions.

What density of embroidery fabric should I choose?

503 2022-09-27
What fabric density should I choose to make my embroidery look beautiful and the end result is satisfactory?

See how to decorate clothes and items that surround us in a fashionable way

488 2022-09-12
Decorate the world with cross stitch

Coricamo Cross Stitch application

2122 2021-12-07
Cross stitch with our app and see how easy it is!

Cross stitch on linen

3298 2018-07-11
Are you bored with ordinary pillows and napkins? Try embroidery on linen Aida canvas!

Free ribbon embroidery course

3086 2018-06-04
Do you want your embroidery to be spacious and unique? Such effect is possible thanks to our detailed course of ribbon embroidery.

Discover the beauty of natural linen and colourful flowers

203 2018-05-30
Do you love flowers that look like they are coming out of the picture? Try the ribbon embroidery!

Free bead embroidery course

96 2018-01-29
Do you want to learn how to embroider with beads? You do not know where to start? Are you afraid that you will not make it? We are in a hurry to help!

Free cross stitch embroidery course

118 2018-01-03
For all those who have not yet started their adventure with embroidery, we have prepared a free "Cross stitch embroidery course" for download in pdf format.




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