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See why it's worth cross stitching

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What are the advantages of cross stitching?

1. It is a great hobby

Everyone needs a creative hobby, and cross stitch gives a lot of satisfaction and joy. It's easy to learn, doesn't require too many expensive materials, and is a great outlet for creativity. Besides, it can be performed almost anywhere - at home, on the plane or on holidays.

2. It's good for the brain

By following the pattern, counting the stitches and keeping our focus on our work, we improve our brain function. Repetitive movement and the easy possibility of making a mistake make it difficult to maintain full concentration, which is why cross stitching is a great exercise to improve the sharpness of the mind and hand-eye coordination. Research consistently shows that a working mind is a healthy mind. Concentrating your mind prevents the unwanted effects of aging, such as dementia. Cross stitiching also stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for creativity. It has a positive effect on the ability to count, trains attention and improves memory. Besides, embroidery allows us to relax our brain and nervous system. Focusing eyesight and thoughts on one task is salutary for our mind, which, thanks to this, can finally calm down and rest from the multitude of thoughts and tasks to be performed.

3. Calms down

Worrying is perfectly normal for balanced people because it shows that we care a lot about something or someone. The problem is that some worries can overwhelm us. When we start to feel overwhelmed by life's tasks, we feel anxiety that can turn into depression. Embroidering allows us to sit back and calm down, regain peace in life and relieve stress after a hard day. Cross stitching not only lowers stress hormones and blood pressure, but also increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body, making us feel relaxed and just happier. The simple task of pulling threads continuously through the fabric is like repeating a prayer or a blissful state of meditation.
A popular English saying goes, "A stitch in time saves stress down the line".

4. Builds self-confidence and a sense of satisfaction

The possibility of creating something from scratch gives a great sense of satisfaction. There is something wonderful about looking at a finished cross stitch and proudly saying to yourself, “It's my work!” To be successful in life, you need to think well of yourself. The feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment in yourself increases self-confidence and positively influences self-esteem.

5. Gives the effect of "flow"

We feel the "flow" effect when we are so committed to the action that we lose track of time. With full commitment, you can completely forget about reality and "sail away" to another world - the beautiful world of creativity and creation. We forget about problems and everything else around us. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, in his research on creativity, found that this kind of feeling is the "secret of happiness". Victoria Schindler, an occupational therapist, compared the "flow" effect to meditation because it gives people similar benefits.

6. Improves the ability to organize working time

The best lesson you can learn from cross stitching is that this little, constant effort can also teach you self-discipline. We often feel overwhelmed by the excess of things and tasks to be done. We look at a long list of things to do for the day and ultimately do nothing. However, ten minutes a day with cross stitch is enough, and this short time will bring us closer to its completion. This way we learn that in small steps we can do whatever we want.

7. Teaches patience

It can be difficult for novice cross stitch enthusiasts to patiently endure long hours on a single embroidery picture. However, over time, we build our patience, and it helps us in other spheres of our life - work, caring for children, relationships with a partner. There is probably no person who has not made a mistake when counting the crosses at least once. Removing the thread also teaches us patience, because it makes us aware that everything that is valuable does not come into being immediately and without problems.

8. Improves the efficiency and flexibility of the hand

One of the best ways to prevent your hands from becoming stiff is to keep them moving. The simple act of cross stitching can help combat the effects of arthritis while improving the dexterity of your hands and fingers. In fact, arthritis sufferers report that activities such as cross stitching help heal their pains as well - if not better - than prescribed medications. For people who work at a computer on a daily basis, the movements that are made while cross stitching are a great way to relax a strained wrist when clicking the mouse for hours. Embroidery can therefore be a great rehabilitation for everyone doing office work.

9. Satisfies the need to create

Cross stitch naturally satisfies the instinct to create something. The division of labor in factories and specialization mean that during production hardly anyone has the feeling that they have done something personally and that they are satisfied with the final product. In such a situation, we are looking for a job that could use skills that are not developed and implemented in the workplace. Cross stitching gives the feeling that we have made something ourselves from beginning to end, something that is the result of our effort, work, abilities and dexterity. We get to know the fabric, threads and pattern. We give shape, colour, size and purpose. We derive satisfaction from the result and the possibility of using our creative forces and our own abilities. During such a favourite activity, we take part in the creative and production process. All this allows us to meet our practical needs and interests, and shapes the sense of aesthetics.

10. Develops creativity

Thanks to cross stitch, you can learn a flexible and creative approach to ready-made patterns. It's worth experimenting with patterns and creating your own. It is worth changing the colours of the threads to discover a different face of the same pattern. This is also how we express and develop our creativity and ingenuity.

11. Allows to create beautiful things

In addition to enjoying the cross stitching itself, we also have the opportunity to make a unique item that reflects our interests and preferences. Cross stitch gives unlimited possibilities to create something useful and at the same time beautiful, functional and aesthetic. With an amazing selection of thread patterns and colours, we can choose any topic we want and almost always the end result will be amazing. By creating beautiful things, we cultivate our sensitivity and feeling for beauty, and we make the world more beautiful as well.

12. Reflects interests

Thanks to cross stitch, you can emphasize your belonging to a given group of people or indicate in this way that you are a fan of a series, book or character. Cross stitch shows what we like, what our taste is and what we are currently thinking about. It becomes like a mirror of the soul - our dreams and desires.

13. Lets you create bonds

Working together on a cross stitch pattern with another person or with your children is a great way to bond and develop collaboration skills. It also helps create intergenerational bonds when grandparents or parents teach to cross stitch grandchildren or children.

14. Makes a great gift

No gift is as valuable as a handmade one. Cross stitch can be very easily personalized to suit someone's personality or add a message or initials to it. Most everyday items can be easily decorated with cross stitch, making them original and unique, and the recipient will certainly appreciate such a gift as the greatest treasure.

15. Reduces the desire to snack

Busy hands help distract your mind from thinking about food! For someone who loves evening snacking in front of the TV, cross stitching is a great alternative. It is quite difficult to cross stitch and pick up a sweet or fatty snack at the same time, because in such a situation it is very easy to stain the threads or the canvas. An engaging activity can help us stay on a slimming diet.

16. Becomes a valuable souvenir

Everything we create now will be a valuable memento and testimony of our times for future generations, so it is worth leaving something beautiful and valuable, something that will last for centuries and will please the eyes of our children and grandchildren!

We think we have proved that IT IS WORTH CROSS STITCHING!

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