Coricamo Cross Stitch application

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Coricamo Cross Stitch application

Save money, time and eyesight

Download the free app

The application works on a phone or tablet with Android aboce 5.0. The application does not open files in PDF format.

See the manual  with the functions of the program

With the Coricamo Cross Stitch app you can:

- have access to a wide range of pattens on various topics
- cross stitch faster, more pleasant and convenient
- display and enlarge the embroidered pattern so that it can be seen clearly
- select the color you are embroidering at the moment
- mark the place to embroider
- mark the colors that you have already embroidered
- change the color palette to Anchor, Ariadna, DMC or Madeira
- see what percentage of the pattern or color is ready
- create a pattern from your own photo
- support ecology by avoiding unnecessary printing on paper

Cross stitch with our app and see how easy it is!

Free patterns

You can start embroidering your chosen free pattern at any time. Install the free Coricamo Cross Stitch app from the Google Play Store. Thanks to it, you can embroider using your phone or tablet. You don't have to pay for anything to test our application.

The application includes free patterns for cross stitch, allowing you to get acquainted with the simple and intuitive operation of the program. We guarantee you access to thousands of patterns on various topics, which you can purchase directly in the application or in our online store www.coricamo.pcom in the tab: Cross stitch - cross stitch patterns for smartphone.


Application installation

To start embroidering, simply enter the Google Play Store on your smartphone or tablet and enter Coricamo Cross Stitch in the search engine, and then install the application. It can also be installed using a QR code. The application works on devices with Android above 5.0. If you have problems with the installation - ask someone who can help you.

Where to buy patterns for a smartphone?

Of course, in our online store. See what cross stitch patterns the Coricamo store offers. If you already know this technique very well, we invite you to get large patterns for cross stitch. For beginners, we have small embroidery patterns. Certainly, our store will make you find your dream cross stitch pattern for smartphone, thanks to which you will become a master of this beautiful technique.

Cross stitch patterns for a smartphone can be purchased here:





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