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Cross stitch on pockets

Cross stitch enthusiasts create pictures to convey their extraordinary passion to the whole world. Thanks to these intricately created embroidery, they share what they like and what interests they have. But cross stitching is not only about pictures. It can be used in many different ways. The desire to beautify the world is one of the natural human needs, and embellishing the objects we come into contact with every day shapes our aesthetic sense. Here are some suggestions for the creative use of cross stitch.

Cross stitch on clothes

Decorating clothes with cross stitch has a long tradition. Many of this type of ornaments were created in the technique of flat embroidery and it is still very popular. Cross stitching on clothes also has a history and has become very fashionable nowadays. We offer small embroidery that will decorate a shirt or T-shirt pocket. They can also be used on a skirt or jeans pocket. Virtually any item of clothing can be made more beautiful with embroidery. It is enough to baste a water soluble or removable canvas onto the fabric to easily embroider a pattern. After embroidering, the removable canvas should be removed thread by thread, and the water soluble canvas will disappear after washing. Thanks to this, the whole thing looks like embroidered on the clothes. In this way, our clothes will gain an individual character and an original look.

Cross stitch on bags and backpacks

Most shopping bags can also be decorated with embroidery, thanks to the use of a water soluble or removable canvas. A regular Aida is also great for this purpose. Its edges should be folded up and the whole thing sewn in the right place. It's even easier to create an embroidery on a plastic canvas and sew it on or stick it like a patch. Such decorated bags will surely be a great gift for relatives and friends.

A way to make a pocket

Even if the garmet or a bag does not have a pocket, it is possible to embroider only the pattern with a line mimicking its bottom edge. Another solution is to embroider the entire pocket with a backstitch or a string stitch, simply creating its outline.

Cross stitch for little things

We also have an idea for a different use of the pocket. Each of us has various little things at home that are easy to lose if they do not have their place. Keys, business cards, jewelry or other small items, e.g. from a children's room, can be thrown into a specially sewn and decorated pocket. It is enough to hemm and hang such a picture on one of our wooden hangers or frame it. Of course, the size of the pocket can be freely adjusted and adapted to your needs. Thanks to this, our small items will always be safe and easy to find.

Cross stitch in passe-partout

Our small embroidery can also be shown framed in a paper passe-partout without the pocket. Placed on a chest of drawers, they will decorate the house, and after embroidering wishes, they will be perfect for a birthday card.


For embroidery, we suggest using a hoop and interlining (from the bottom of the embroidery). We recommend embroidering with at least 3 threads of mouline on a removable canvas (56/10cm).

Coricamo Cross Stitch application

Patterns with a lot of backstitches are embroidered even more nicely, using the patterns displayed on the smartphone screen. The Coricamo Cross Stitch app has a handy feature to disable and enable backstitches so that only symbols or only backstitches are visible.

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The application works on a phone or tablet with Android above 5.0. It doesn't work on iPhones, computers and laptops. The application does not open files in PDF format.

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