A new series of ballerinas for cross stitch

Posted on2024-06-26 41

Be amazed by the latest series with ballerinas at a great price!

A unique opportunity!

To make the beginning of summer more pleasant, we have for you a cross stith kit with a pink ballerina, which you can buy at an attractive price of €4,03. The promotion will only last for a few days, so hurry up!

Additionally, you can buy an elegant, stylish frame with a 20% discount with the promotional kit.


Or maybe a gift idea?

Such a cute little cross stitch kit is a great gift idea. You can also embroider and frame one picture or the entire series and give it to someone close to you. It will definitely put a smile on her or his face and make the recipient happy.

Why do we love ballerinas?

Ballerinas are a symbol of grace and elegance. Their movements are smooth, harmonious and delightful. Ballerinas' dancing often tells an interesting story and expresses a variety of emotions. Thanks to this, viewers watching a ballet performance have a chance to deeper understand and experience the performance. For many people, especially children, ballerinas are an inspiration. They represent dreams of being part of something beautiful and artistic.

Can ballerinas be modern?

Ballerinas show magical movements that touch the hearts of everyone who looks at them. We would also like to show their beautiful, fleeting world, but from a different perspective. That's why we have created a new cross stitch series with three ballerinas - blue, pink and green. Each of them shows a different ballet figure and each is unique. Together they form an extremely inspiring trio. Our latest series was created for everyone who likes small, quick-to-create patterns. The simplified silhouette and color visible only on the dress emphasizes the modern style and will be a great decoration for any interior.

Where to buy other patterns with ballerinas?

In our store you will find many patterns with various characters. Our latest series with ballerinas is just part of the rich collection of Coricamo cross stitch patterns.


Ballerinas and ballet as an art form offer audiences a unique combination of aesthetics, emotions and culture, which is what makes them so appreciated and admired. Thanks to our patterns, you can admire them every day.




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