We all like to save. In our online store we have prepared a special discount system that allows you to save on purchases.
We will show you how thanks to joint purchases you can reduce prices by up to 15% and receive free delivery.

The simplest solution is to collect orders from people for whom embroidery is also a passion just like for you (family, friends, neighbours) and place a bulk order in our online store.
Thanks to this you will get tangible benefits - in addition to lower prices for purchased products, it will be an extraordinary opportunity for you to share your passion with other people, and you can spend the money you have saved on developing your passions.

Below is the new discount system that will enable you to do so.


Permanent discounts:
These discounts are independent of the value of a single order. They depend only on the value of annual purchases in our store. With the value of purchases in one year:
540 € - 5% discount
810 € - 7% discount
1350 € - 10% discount
After logging in to your account, all prices in the catalog are automatically reduced by the discount.

One-time discounts:
These discounts depend on the amount of one-time purchase:
for purchases over 50 € - 5% discount
for purchases over 99 € - free delivery
One-time purchase discount and pernanent discounts combine, so you save more.

Loyalty points:
When you buy most products, you will receive additional loyalty points, which you can exchange for Euros. You will receive 1 loyalty point for every 0,05 € spent.

To take advantage of the discount system it is necessary to have an account in our store.