1. "My account disappeared" - many times I did shopping at your store, now I can not log in, what happened?

Along with the change of the store's graphic layout, all its facilities have changed. This means that, unfortunately, it was not possible to transfer from the previous version of the store: login details, discount system, and online patterns purchased. Therefore, it's NECESSARY to REGISTER in our store.
You need:
→ an email address that will become your login
→ a password that you can create on your own

After registering in our store, you can freely make purchases.

2. I bought an online pattern, but I did not receive it by email, how to get access to the pattern?

Online patterns that you can purchase from CORICAMO store are made available to your account as soon as the payment is received. If you made a purchase without registration, we were not able to share the pattern. If you want to access it, please report it to our employees via the form in the CONTACT tab or by sending a message to the e-mail address: office@coricamo.com. Our employees will transform your temporary "guest" account into a permanent "customer" account. In this way you will gain access to the patterns. Online patterns are not sent via the email.

3. I have a problem in shopping in a new store. How to find products easily?

To search for a product you can:

a. Use the side menu. e.g. Cross stitch → counted cross stitch kits → images → flowers. A tab will open in which there are all patterns with a floral motif.

b. Use the search engine, which is located next to the CORICAMO logo. To do this, simply enter the PRODUCT CODE (Reference) or name. In this way, the website will display all products related to the search phrase.

The product can be purchased by clicking on the green basket or entering the product details, selecting the number of pieces and clicking: Add to cart. If you want to choose another product, click on CONTINUE SHOPPING.
If you already have all the products that you want to purchase in our basket, please click Proceed to checkout (top right) and follow the instructions (in the next steps you will be able to choose the method of delivery and payment). When filling out the address data, please remember to enter the house or flat number.

4. How to purchase single mouline skeins?

In order to purchase single mouline skeins, the following categories should be open in the side menu:


The page will display an image with a cotton pattern stencil, click it to open a page where you can choose specific colours.

You can display the colorus by expanding the bar on the right (white inverted triangle on a gray background).
To choose the colours you need, you can:

1. Scroll the bar down or up and select the colour you want to order from the list.
2. After expanding the bar, enter a specific number, eg 310, on the keyboard and confirm with the ENTER key. In this way, a page with this specific colour will open.

Choose the number of skeins, click the ADD TO CART button, a window will open with the selected product, then click the CONTINUE SHOPPING button and select the next colour.

After selecting all products, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

5. What is the time of order / delivery?

Delivery time determines the number of days that is necessary to prepare the package for shipment. It ranges from 2 to 7 days for all available products and 14 days for products marked as ON REQUEST.

Because all CORICAMO products are prepared for customer orders, we often are not able to put packages on the same day we accept your order. This is due to the fact that each of these goods is manufactured by us (printing on canvas / aida, assembling the sets).

Orders are processed according to the order of applications.

Delivery time:
We deliver our products using Courier GLS.
Delivery time for selected carriers:
GLS courier: 1-2 days

Our employees strive to accelerate the shipment of your order as much as possible. Unfortunately, carriers often delay delivery during holiday periods.

6. What is the cost of delivery?

In case you pay for your order via: Dotpay, PayPal, PayU transfer to your account:
GLS courier to England: 8,60 €

8. I made a payment by PayPal, the money was taken from my account, but on the store's website I received information about the lack of payment.

Unfortunately, this is an error that appears with PayPal payments. If the money was withdrawn from your account, it means that they had to be transferred to our account. All payments for orders are controlled by our employees. In the absence of payment, you will be informed via email. You can also contact our employees by yourself to agree on whether the payment has been accepted.

7. What is the difference between printed canvas and printed Aida? I do not know which product to choose.

Printed canvas and printed Aida have different mesh density. Canvas has 44 stitches per 10 centimeters, it should be sewn with 6 threads (full thread from a skein). Aida has a density of 54 stitches per 10 centimeters and it must be stitched with 3 threads. In order to do this, you divide the threads into a half-threaded mouline. The higher the canvas density, the smaller the image. A certain thickness of needles is also dedicated to each canvas density. You can read about everything in the cross stitch course available on our website. There you will also find other courses that we heartily recommend.

8. Basic products and Coricamo labels

W - nline pattern available in your account
GC / GU - colourful graphic pattern printed in A4 format
K - printed canvas, density 44/10 cm
AN - printed Aida, density 54/10 cm
Z - cross stitch kit - contains pure Aida (54/10), Madeira mouline, colourful graphic pattern, needle
ZN- kit with overprint and mouline - contains printed Aida (54/10), Madeira mouline, colourful graphic pattern, needle
ZI - cross stitch kit with mouline and beads - contains pure Aida (54/10), Madeira mouline, Preciosa beads colourful graphic pattern, needle
ZGR - cross stitch kit with a clock mechanism and frame - contains pure Aida (54/10), Madeira mouline, colourful graphic pattern, needle, clock mechanism, wooden frame
ZU - utility cross stitch kit - contains pure Aida (54/10), Madeira mouline, colourful graphic pattern, needle, napkin, table runner, table cloth or other additive depending on the pattern
ZWS - ribbon set - contains fabric (linen), ribbons, colourful graphic pattern, needle
M - Ariadna mouline kit
MD - DMC mouline kit




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