Bead embroidery course



You can cross-stitch and you want your emroidery become more beautiful? For 3D effect, try combining cross and bead embroidery. You will learn to embroider with beads with the detailed bead embroidery course.

The course is printed on A4 paper: 12 pages (content - 8 pages, extras - 4 pages)

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Thanks to our course you will learn:
- what accessories to buy before embroidering
- what kind of canvas to choose
- how to prepare canvas for embroidery
- what kind of needle to choose
- what kind of thread to choose
- what kind of beads to choose
- how to learn to embroider with beads
- how to start embroidering
- how to take care of ready-made embroidery

In addition, the course includes: a free bead embroidery pattern, a catalog of Coricamo bead patterns and many valuable tips and tricks.