Diamond painting kit - Summer by the river


Diamond mosaic on a wooden frame - Kit contains: pre-printed canvas, with special adhesive layer and peel-off, protective film, stretched over a wooden frame, 2,5 x 2,5 mm acrylic diamonds, with 9 edges, for better and brighter light reflection, stylus with wax, tweezers, sorting container and glue. Instructions PL, EN, DE, CZ.

Size in cm50 x 40
Number of colours38

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{{name}} is a good choice when you want to relax while taking care of your mind. When you want to combine pleasure with precision, good mood and a feeling of satisfaction with an amazing effect then you can choose diamond paintings. When you paint by diamonds it is not only a way to relax, it is a dream time combined with pleasure of creating and building relationships with your loved ones.

Diamond painting stimulates our mind and develops intellectual and manual skills. Painting with diamonds is easy - even children from 3 years old can handle it. When you paint by diamonds it puts you in a happy mood and satisfaction with the finished work is guaranteed!

Diamond paintings are a combination of great colours and interesting patterns on a variety of topics.{{name}} is a unique gift that will please everyone. High-quality accessories in every diamond painting kit will satisfy even the most demanding enthusiasts of this beautiful technique.