Cross-stitch embroidery course



Do you want to learn cross-stiching? Or maybe you've always embroidered on a printed canvas and you think it's time to learn counted cross-stitch embroidery? We have a detailed cross-stitch course for you.

The course is printed on A4 paper: 16 pages (content - 9 pages, extras - 7 pages)

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Thanks to our course you will learn:
- what accessories to buy before embroidering
- what kind of canvas to choose
- how to prepare canvas for embroidery
- what kind of mouline to choose
- what kind of needle to choose
- how to learn embroidering counted patterns
- how to start embroidering
- how to take care of ready-made embroidery

In addition, the course includes: a free cross-stitch pattern, a catalog of Coricamo cross-stitch patterns and many valuable tips and tricks.