Bead embroidery

Bead embroidery - bead embroidery patterns and bead embroidery kits thanks to which you will create unusual images of beads, and embroidering with beads will become pure pleasure. The picture embroidered with beads is really unusual - shiny and eye-catching.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 124 items

Bead sewing

The method of sewing with beads resembles a combination of classic embroidery with diamond painting. Shimmering beads are a great complement to any image. They will look particularly nice on the patterns we offer with birds, butterflies, in combination with lace, flowers, landscapes or pictures of princesses in gold-pearl dresses. Bead embroidery pattern is also commonly used in depicting religious figures, people against the setting sun, and also in creating three-dimensional Christmas balls or Easter eggs.

Bead embroidery - new version

Shimmering horses, luminous birds, and juicy lips are enormously delightful. For what reason? This is due to tiny embroidery beads. Properly selected colors in bead embroidery kits, the painted background on satin fabrics certainly contribute to the dazzling effect of the final bead embroidery. Therefore, we should not be surprised that in the past, clothes, handbags, hats and jewelery were embroidered with beads so often. Who would be able to resist this radiance in modern times as well?

Valuable, or simply PRECIOSA

Anyone who has ignited the love of bead embroidery at least once has surely discovered that the precious beads are the same size as two drops of water. Preciosa beads are the most valuable discovery for embroiderers. Their perfect shape, a whole range of colors from juicy saturated to delicate pastel ones, a variety of types such as pearly, matte, transparent, with a metallic gloss or with a metallising inlay - these are the inexhaustible resources of the bead embroidery treasury - valuable or simply Preciosa.

Do beads and crosses like each other?

You can cross-stitch and you want your emroidery become more beautiful? For 3D effect, try combining cross and bead embroidery. You will learn to embroider with beads with the detailed bead embroidery course. Beads and crosses just love each other! It is enough to look at mixed embroidery technique, when, among the delicacy of placed crosses with colorful mouline threads, subtle and at the same time expressive beads blend in perfectly. Cross stitch and bead embroidery like to be combined. You do not believe? You must check it out! See combined embroidery.